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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Sangwoo Kim
Design Type: Health & Medical
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership +
Website: https://www.mollangcow.com
Team Members: Sangwoo Kim & Miji Kim

the improv is a children's walking pad that helps children with gait disorders due to Down syndrome improve their gait before the end of their secondary growth spurt. The first and foremost feature of the improv is its tread. First, the treads have a V-shaped structure that allows the hip joint to rotate inward as the child walks, which improves gait stability, and there are liftable treads designed to prevent the child's fingers from getting pinched. It also has a beam projector on the top of the tread to make walking fun for your child. The second is the handle. The rounded rectangle-shaped orange handle can be held anywhere, regardless of the child's height, sitting or standing, and it's long enough to be comfortable to hold on to while climbing on the improv. There's also a large emergency stop button on the top of the frame that crosses the handle, making it easy to stop the device. With these and other features, the improv can help make walking more fun and healthy for your child.