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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Product // Building Circuit——My First FM Radio Receiver

Building Circuit——My First FM Radio Receiver


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Yang Zhang
Design Type: Concepts & Prototypes
Company / Organization / School: Beijing AIQI Technology Co., LTD.

The building block circuit radio provides a new experience for the introduction of electricity: analog current with water flow; the device is packaged into a module, and the circuit symbol and circuit path are marked with lights on the module; the interface of the module is unified, and the modules can be combined arbitrarily; These modules can easily build a radio, and can also build circuits such as AND gates, NOT gates, and OR gates. The assembled circuit is neat and intuitive, just like a circuit diagram. The building block circuit radio makes it easy and elegant to build circuits, without the clutter of breadboards and the difficulty and danger of soldering with a soldering iron, which greatly reduces the threshold for getting started in electricity and gives users a very good experience.