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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Transport // AYRO Vanish

AYRO Vanish

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Erik Holmen - Sr Industrial Designer
Design Type: Vehicles
Company / Organization / School: ROBRADY Design
Website: http://www.robrady.com
Team Members: Erik Holmen, Tom Wittenschlaeger, Rob Brady, Joel Chartier, Blake Fuller, Steve Duffy, Jay Viera, Mike Winterhalter, Tony Kelbert, Barry Jennings, Adriane Jenkel, Per Soderberg

The AYRO Vanish low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) is driven by SchlägerNull™, the philosophy of traversing in a space neither altering it nor leaving any trace of presence. To reach this class-defining standard, Vanish takes a “clean sheet” approach to both design and performance. Inspired by nature, Vanish is designed for minimal impact to the environment. The zero-emission Lithium-powered LSEV ranges over 50 miles and eliminates exuding toxins from steering and control systems. Additional features include low thermal signature and large, contact patch soft tires to reduce contact pressure. Its situation-based and geomapped control system helps the LSEV navigate without impact. Its reconfigurable payload platform maximizes application reuse. The lightweight frame increases capacity, and the whisper-quiet motor disrupts nothing. SchlägerNull™ philosophy embraces sustainable materials such as metals and bamboo that reduce vehicle weight substantially. Vanish is manufactured without scrap generation, ensuring its production renders it a good steward of the environment.