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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept Pro
Designer: Gyusang Jung - Design Director
Design Type: Agricultural Machine
Company / Organization / School: Daedong
Team Members: Gyusang Jung, Junyoung Yoon & Yongkyu Yi

D-ACT, DAEDONG Autonomous Concept Tractor, is the first autonomous electric concept tractor proposed by Daedong, a global agricultural machinery manufacturer of KOREA. D-ACT senses soil temperature, humidity, nutrients, weeds and sprays optimized moisture and fertilizer. Also, only weeds are selected and cauterized with a laser to avoid damaging the crops. All of these processes are performed automatically. D-ACT has a micro personal electric vehicle that can be used as an autonomous commuter. While they are separated, the tractor performs tasks in autonomous mode. When the upper part of the vehicle is transformed to the cabin by combining with the tractor, the user can control the tractor directly in manual mode. D-ACT's drive module changes its structure and shape according to task differences. The drive module transforms from wheel to crawler for a task which needs high traction, from crawler to wheel for a task which needs high speed. Individual drive module provides better road surface followability, decrease shaking and vibration. D-ACT can be an excavator by changing front attachment. Upper body rotates for excavating task, center-aligned bucket increases task accuracy.