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Ora Monitor Arm

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Peter Cooper - COO
Design Type: Electronics—telecom, mobile, AV, PCs, tablets., Industrial & consumer tools and equipment, Residential & office furniture, furnishings
Company / Organization / School: Atdec
Website: https://www.atdec.com.au/
Team Members: Peter Cooper, Mitchell Brooks, Ethan Ong, Tim Gulliver & Sam Weise

Ora is a monitor arm developed with market-leading features to support new ultrawide curved monitors in commercial offices. A new counterbalance spring mechanism allows effortless user adjustment with a minimal part count. This is encased in a unique diecast unibody chassis engineered to provide rigidity with minimal material use whilst withstanding significant twisting forces applied by curved monitors. Clever use of ‘shut-off’ features in the part tooling makes this design possible. Ora’s simple assembly can take less than a minute. The visual indicator for the counterbalance mechanism aids repeat commercial installations. All adjustment points are accessible after display installation, adjustable with a standard 4mm hex key. The “quick-connect” display attachment mechanism enables swift and secure display installation and removal, freeing both hands for safe handling of displays. An intuitive rotation stop switch, located at the arm’s base, is configurable without disassembly to prevent interference with walls and dividers. Ora’s balanced tilt mechanism allows effortless viewing angle selection without further tension adjustment. Engineered to withstand commercial use, Ora has been mechanically cycled more than 30,000 times with consistent performance, validating the ten-year guaranteed product warranty. Ora’s refined aesthetic and cable concealment features provide a neat, modern look to any workspace.