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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Minseo Lee
Design Type: Health & Medical, Product & industrial / UX, UI
Company / Organization / School: Pukyong National University / University of Ulsan
Team Members: Minseo Lee, Jiwon Lee & Naeun Kim

Fefit is a product and service design that relieves boredom and tension caused by waiting and treatment in obstetrics and gynecology and helps women to know their bodies. Due to Confucian culture, there is a misconception that obstetrics and gynecology is a space only for pregnant women and married women. Accordingly, the number of women's diseases that require constant management due to the absence of medical treatment is continuously increasing, and even prevention methods are not be aware of. To solve these problems, we propose a product and service that makes obstetrics and gynecology care a part of self-management. In the hospital, sex education products designed with the motif of the female body are on standby so that the female genitals can be accurately learned and compared to their own to understand their own body. Through the application, you can get information about your sex life outside the hospital, know when to visit the hospital, and change the perception of women's hospitals by designing friendly characters for your target audience.