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They Said So


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Soobin Ryu
Design Type: Digital: Motion, Apps, Games
Company / Organization / School: Orange Cube Seoul
Team Members: Soobin Ryu

Through the media, people observe the flow of their entire society minute by minute, and as their appearance is exposed, a large communication structure is created, and people want to find stability in the structure. However, if you look at the world through SNS, you will face a world that has undergone a filter called "Other's Opinion," regardless of your intention and opinion. As a result, many people cannot judge a particular case's exact right or wrong, and they become part of the invisible "filter" and affect others. Eventually, a vicious circle is created in which the truth is hidden. Through this work, I wanted to talk about how dangerous it is to unknowingly sympathize with other people's opinions, not subjective judgment, through my own common sense and logic.