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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Hae Ri Ryoo
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Samsung Design Membership
Team Members: Hae Ri Ryoo, A Hyun Seo & Ki Sub Moon

BOO-BOO, the modular robot vacuum cleaner, is designed to adapt to various family configurations and living spaces. Unlike traditional robot vacuum cleaners, it features a compact hexagonal shape that efficiently cleans tight and narrow areas while facilitating easy combination. This product evolves alongside an individual throughout their lifetime. For those living in small spaces and facing limited economic conditions, a single small robot vacuum cleaner can be used. As the number of family members increases and the living space expands, additional units can be purchased and used together. Just like the increase in family members, products can also be continuously used by making additional purchases instead of discarding them. Multiple BOO-BOO units work together in harmony, much like a newlywed couple, efficiently tackling cleaning tasks and fulfilling their respective roles. In situations where cleaning alone becomes challenging, a signal can be sent to request assistance from another BOO-BOO vacuum cleaner. Similar to the cooperation and coexistence of individuals, we propose a new product ecosystem that resembles a family through BOO-BOO. It will not be a disposable product but rather another member of our family.