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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Eunsoo Lee
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Kookmin university

ingle-person households often face situations that are difficult to solve alone behind the free daily life. In this situation, they imagine that ‘If I had eyes on the back of my head’, ‘If I had another arm’, and ‘If an object had limbs’. Dooo, Modular robotic arm for single-person households, makes this imagination a reality. It is equipped with basic functions of Bluetooth speaker, lighting, and gripper, and stores three modules in the body: dust remover, dryer, and holder. The gripper serves as another eye and arm of the user, and the module combined to the arm becomes an object with limbs. Dooo helps with things that are hard to do alone. As a result, It can improve the quality of life of single-person. Depending on the situation, users can use the same function for a variety of purposes depending on the situation for various purposes, and they can use a combination of modules and basic functions. It is a mechanism that automatically replaces the module, reducing the hassle of users having to manually replace the module. Also, Because module is integrated into the main body, users do not need to store the module separately, and it reduces the risk of loss.