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Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Augustina (Ao) Liu - Designer / design lead
Design Type: User Experience
Company / Organization / School: Augustina (Ao) Liu & Sijia Li
Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm7DOr6i0Ho
Team Members: Designer / design lead: Sijia Li

Traveling, especially long transfers and special requests, can cause significant stress due to uncertainties. Over 90% of international travelers worry about their flights and airport arrangements, as managing special needs such as accessibility, medical conditions, or traveling with children can be challenging during air travel. Breez addresses these concerns by leveraging the power of GenAI and LLM technology to deliver personalized flight recommendations and support throughout every stage of the air travel experience. During the planning phase, Breez analyzes users' personal travel details, preferences, and special requests to recommend tailored flight options that meet all their needs. Users can rely on Breez Bot, the AI-powered travel assistant, for any inquiries or assistance about the trip, such as flight recommendations, visa details, and layover experiences. During the trip, Breez's AI-powered Trip Manager provides users with real-time guidance on security and customs wait times at departure and transfer airports. It also guides users to navigate connecting flights effortlessly, including recommendations for lounges, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment during layovers. Upon arrival, users receive detailed directions for navigating the arrival airport and can easily arrange transportation by directly calling local taxi services. With Breez, travelers can have a stress-free trip with a smoother and enjoyable experience.