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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Experience // DOMunder archaeological experience

DOMunder archaeological experience

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Erik Bär - partner/founder Tinker/art director
Design Type: experience design
Company / Organization / School: Tinker imagineers
Website: http://www.tinker.nl
Team Members: Marleen Bos (3D designer), Marijn Harteveld (project manager), Timo Horst (multimedia developer), Joost van der Spek (content developer)

No other spot in The Netherlands can match the 2000 years of history of the Domplein in Utrecht. It faced only one problem: a major part of its history is underground and literally passed over by everyone. The Domplein Foundation took the initiative to open up this concealed history to the public in a grandiose project: DOMunder. Tinker imagineers, designed and produced the underground archaeological visitor experience, in cooperation with JDdV Architects. DOMunder is situated among the re-excavated archaeological remains. Visitors assume the role of the archaeologists, veritable time-travellers, by descending into the darkness armed with an interactive flashlight (infrared and 3D technology). This light activates walls, findings and stories. On their journey, they uncover the incredibly layered history of the Domplein square. They go back in time until they come across Roman headquarters: the birth of the city of Utrecht. In addition to the archaeological expedition, visitors witness a multimedia descent in time. Surrounded by detailed 3D reconstructions of the Domplein, visitors virtually find themselves, in the Gothic Cathedral or take a look around the Roman Castellum.