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Galleries // 2024 Spark:Spring Student // La Divina Commedia

La Divina Commedia


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Chuantao Zhu
Design Type: Graphics: Print
Company / Organization / School: Macau University of Science and Technology

I explore the issue of desires in contemporary society, reflecting on whether desires act as a driving force propelling us forward or as chains dragging us into the abyss. Through my study of the "Divine Comedy," I classify human desires into four symbolic categories: lust, anger, envy, and hubris. Using these symbols, I have created over 300 paintings and written over 2000 pages of literary analysis. This work offers a comparative perspective between the East and the West. The Western version features a unique "back-to-back" binding to distinguish between "heaven" and "hell," while the Chinese version adopts the traditional thread binding. I delve into how desires influence behavior in different contexts. People can gain an understanding of the concept of "desire," explore societal phenomena, and engage in academic interpretations through reading books and viewing my artworks. Through art exhibitions, my aim is to awaken feelings of sacredness, purity, and tranquility within the audience, encouraging them to deeply reflect on their concept of existence and strive for a moral and spiritual balance.