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Four Typologies


Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Qihang Fan - Design Developer
Design Type: Website
Company / Organization / School: Qihang Fan
Website: http://www.qihangfan.com

Four Typologies results from the overlapping fields of architecture, digital media, user experience, and immersive web design. The design emphasizes humanity speculatively, creatively, and enjoyably. On the one hand, Four Typologies empowers users to seamlessly navigate through a virtual architectural environment across various platforms, exploring design features interactively from an overarching macro perspective, appreciating the intricate miniatures, to a detailed micro level where they can engage with nuanced interactions and dynamic textures. This curated digital experience makes architectural designs and fashion concepts more tangible, interactive, and accessible. On the other hand, Four Typologies facilitates public awareness of fashion designers' unique nonlinear design workflow, advocating the irreplaceable product value detached from assembly lines. The architecture design envisions decentralized factory typologies. The fashion designers' nonlinear workflow demand drives the design of decentralized fashion factory typologies, while the local environment design factors - the market, the city, the nature, and the farm specifically - render another irreplaceable layer of indigenous culture and lifestyle to impact fashion designs.