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Galleries // 2024 Spark:Spring Student // SPIN X - Easy Cleaning Lens Case

SPIN X - Easy Cleaning Lens Case


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Park Semin
Design Type: Health & Medical, Product
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership +, Kumoh National Institute of Technology

For contact lens users, finger contact is essential for putting lenses on. Contamination of contact lens containers or preservation solutions is common, especially if users are not trained in proper disinfection practices. We propose a new concept lens container SPIN X that can solve the fun of cleaning and rotating at the same time SPIN X is a product that helps you comfortably wear your lenses without external contaminants caused by your hands. SPIN X has a fidget spinner shape, which allows the lens container to rotate while cleaning the lens with its centrifugal force to keep it clean. One out of three fidget spinners has an inherent suction rod. The suction rod is made of medical silicone material and can be used cleanly. Two contain left and right lens storage compartments. The lens mesh can be cleaned alone in a detachable form. Rotate the SPIN X to clean the lens and flip it upside down to pick up the lens on the lens mesh with the suction rod to put the lens on. The lens mesh is removable and can be washed separately from the body to keep it clean.