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Cloud rescue


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Jiahao Li
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Software Engineering Institute of Guangzhou
Team Members: Creative Direction: Wu Fan, Hong Sizhan Design Execution: Hou Yuyan, Li Jiahao, Zhuang Weixing Concept design: , Kong Junming, Fan Yulin,Xian Shihong Rendering execution: Yu Dongkun,He Yingxin

After the outbreak of war or earthquake, a large number of wounded need to be treated, and search and rescue operations pay attention to golden time. In order to avoid the problem of mass casualties caused by insufficient search and rescue manpower, we designed the "cloud rescue" medical aid search and rescue equipment. The device has two main functions, on the one hand, it has the function of infusion of nutrient solution to ensure the recovery of the body function of moderate and mild casualties, and on the other hand, it is installed with a rising balloon as a position marker to remind the medical staff behind to rescue. "Cloud rescue" aims at emergency rescue to ensure the life safety of moderate and mild casualties, save more casualties, and reflect humanitarian care.