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Candle Go : Motivational Candle Warmer


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Seokoo Yeo
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Hongik University

Pursuing goals can be challenging, especially when progress is not immediately visible, leading to quick demotivation. Candle Go addresses this by providing a unique and gentle solution. Users begin by setting their own challenges using the app. Each time they engage in goal-related actions, the app accumulates time. The candle wax melts gradually, synchronizing with the time dedicated to their efforts. As the wax melts, it reveals a hidden trophy inside. The melting process begins as both the front and rear heating parts liquefy the lower left corner of the wax. As the wax in the bottom left corner melts, the naturally lightened left portion of the disk rotates upward due to gravity, exposing the unmelted portion to the heating elements. These visible changes offer motivation, encouraging users to persist in their goals. Once the set time for the goal is completed, users can take out the revealed trophy and showcase it using the Candle Go display stand. Even after achieving a trophy, users can purchase additional challenge candles, which come in four variations, if they want to collect and achieve more challenges to stack more trophies on their Candle Go display stand.