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Power Pillar


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Chen-Yen Tseng
Design Type: Transportation & Mobility
Company / Organization / School: Ming Chi University of Technology
Team Members: Wen-Yeh Shiao Lin, Yi-Shan Zheng, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

With the proliferation of electric vehicles, some experts are concerned that the weight of electric cars could potentially lead to collapses in multi-story parking garages. According to reports from The Telegraph, due to aging infrastructure in many parking facilities, engineers suggest increasing the load-bearing capacity of buildings and improving maintenance of parking structures. Power Pillar is a device that combines charging piles with architectural support structures and reinforcement concepts. It not only upgrades the infrastructure of parking lots but also prevents the collapse of floor slabs due to excessive loading, thereby reducing carbon emissions from subsequent repairs and saving repair costs. The top cross-shaped support structure allows the pillar to support stably after installation, and since the device is installed under the beam, it shortens the existing beam-column spacing and disperses the force. The material used is G550 galvanized zinc lightweight steel, which is rust-resistant, lightweight, and structurally strong, allowing for high load-bearing capacity with minimal weight. The internal grating optical fiber can detect the inclination or deformation of the pillar and the building, facilitating timely maintenance.