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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Kim siyoung
Design Type: Product & industrial, & Branding
Company / Organization / School: Keimyung University/Yeungnam University
Team Members: Lee sumin

As the use of electric humidifiers in homes is increasing, the rate of burn accidents among infants due to hot steam and leaks is also on the rise. To preemptively prevent such unforeseen accidents, Woofid offers a wireless sensor-responsive humidifier. This project aims to alert children through visual and auditory warning signals, incorporating educational messages.
The distance detection sensor operates within a range of 40~50cm, and upon detection of approach, it sends a signal to the microcontroller, activating various functions. To prevent children from touching hot steam out of curiosity, the outlet closes automatically when a child is detected by the sensor. Additionally, it is equipped with dual packing internally to prevent leakage accidents.
Woofid's warning system includes fun and intuitive features such as ear movements, voice alerts, and color and facial expression changes. Upon detection, it first triggers ear-raising movements. Alongside the movement, the voice of the bulldog sounds, and a warning signal with an angry expression is conveyed to the child. This system helps children become aware that approaching the steam is a risky behavior.
With the remote control, users can monitor the heating temperature and stop functions in mode to halt sensor operation.