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Competition: Spark:Graphic
Designer: Yan Yan - Interdisciplinary designer
Design Type: Brand Identity, logos
Company / Organization / School: SheSaying Podcast
Website: http://www.yyandesign.com/

In the branding identity project for the SheSaying podcast, I've meticulously sculpted a visual design encapsulating the very heart of the podcast. By intertwining three distinct colors and fonts, I've forged the emblematic '她说SheSaying' logo, a symbol of completeness mirroring the significance of the number three in Chinese culture. Each layer within the logo embodies a different facet of womanhood, serving as a testament to the diverse spectrum of female narratives. This deliberate fusion signifies the platform's commitment to inclusivity and the recognition of every female voice as valuable. SheSaying stands as a celebration of the multifaceted experiences and stories of women from all walks of life, where authenticity reigns supreme. Through its layered and impactful branding, SheSaying invites listeners to explore and engage with the rich tapestry of women's voices, amplifying their stories and experiences in a space where each narrative holds significance and resonates with authenticity.