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Mycelial Composting Tube


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Chu-An Chuang
Design Type: Concept, Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: National Taipei University of Education
Team Members: Li Chih-Yun, Wu Yi-Chen, Chen Zih-Jin, Lin Yu-He, Prof. Li Kai-Chu

Mycelial Composting Tube is crafted from waste generated during the cultivation of olive trees. Olive tree compost collected within the tube is processed with mycorrhizal fungi, white rot fungi, and other agents to decompose it into organic matter, serving as a nutrient source for the trees. The biodegradable tube follows a circular fertilization method, integrated with a critical root zone(CRZ) to establish mycorrhizal symbiosis in the soil. This enhances nutrient absorption, improves soil structure, and boosts resilience to environmental stress. Adapting to the varying nutrient needs of olive trees at different growth stages involves adding supplements like microbial agents, pruned branches, fallen leaves, and olive pomace to meet specific elemental requirements, fostering overall olive tree growth.