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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Wen-Shin Zeng
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Ming Chi University of Technology

ERA can provide temporary shelter for earthworms. During farming, waste such as food waste and fallen leaves can be put into the ERA and covered, and through the feeding habits of earthworms, they are attracted into the ERA; The air hole set on the top can discharge the gas during the fermentation of food waste, and the design of concave and convex lens helps the fermentation and temperature control of food waste. There is a partition layer inside the ERA to avoid direct contact with the soil. With the passage of time, the pesticide content in the soil will be reduced, at this time to stop putting food waste and other waste, so that earthworms leave the ERA to feed and return to the soil, and in a new round of farming, ERA can be used again to achieve the cycle.