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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Transport // Traffic 2.0: Metro System

Traffic 2.0: Metro System

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Brian Conner
Design Type: Product
Company / Organization / School: TEAGUE
Website: http://www.teague.com
Team Members: Design credits: Brian Conner, Brian Monzingo and Tad Toulis

The trio of Metro products works together as an innovative system: METROPLAN The Metroplan poster is made of e-paper over a layer of mem¬brane buttons. A touchable, interactive poster; the e-paper’s low power consumption enables the poster to run on its own power generated by integrated solar cells. Installable on any vertical surface, an adhesive back side provides “posting” with no tools. When combined with the Metropass reader, the information on the poster can be updated in real-time according to GPS sig¬nals from the bus dispatcher. METROPASS Metropass is a new bus pass card with an e-paper display; it uses RFID to store information about rates and balances. This pass can also provide readable information back to the passenger about routes, trips, directions and times. Simply touch it to a RFID reader and site-specific information is displayed. The Metropass can also be used at other touch points in the transit system: at bus stops, in the bus and at ticketing agents or tourist information points. Metropass generates its own power over RFID and can be used indefinitely. METROPOINT Metropoint keeps passengers from having to approach the bus stop to find out wait times and comes in two versions: a free-standing version, and an add-on version, that can be fixed to existing light and utility poles. Readable from up to 150 feet, Metropoint displays imminent arrivals. If a bus number is lit, and the hourglass light band is illuminated, that bus will be arriving within a short amount of time.