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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Transport // Volkswagen CAPSUL

Volkswagen CAPSUL

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Mr. Darko Markovic - Design team Darko Markovic, Oleg Bazoev, Nicola Trentani
Design Type: concept design
Company / Organization / School: Scuola Politecnica di design, Milano
Website: http://www.darmardesign.blogspot.com
Team Members: Oleg Bazoev Nicola Trentani DESIGN TEAM

Volkswagen CAPSUL is aiming to change the world of transportation as we know. Main purpose of VW CAPSUL is to move through both traffic and pedestrian areas -that are growing in big in cities. Cars are restricted to enter this areas due to pollution, pedestrians and vehicle size which makes it impossible to park them. Vehicle is combination of pedestrian friendly vehicle with traffic vehicle. It is designed for Milano EXPO 2015, and enables people to move, trough area without getting lost or angry with traffic. There are many features, but the main one is new system of transportation. Capsul can be self-moving vehicle (in group ), although when it reaches location of desire – it detaches from group and person can use it as he/she wants. VW Capsul is electric, uses much smaller space and it can be driven through pedestrian friendly areas due to its small size. While it’s a rentable vehicle, it feels very easy and intuitive to use it. Highly effective software recognizes everything in city - by press of a button you know its history. Another aspect that was covered was infrastructure of the city. We think that in future cars will communicate with environment . Infrastructure was adapted, so capsul can be driven throughout city with new experience . SPECIAL CAPSUL PARKS on which users of capsuls can recharge their capsuls and socialize . Totally transformable vehicle that is used by anyone easily, in many different ways. All statistic can be provided with request.