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Galleries // 2009 Spark:Concept // 1/2 Project

1/2 Project

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Sungjoon Kim & Jiwon Park
Design Type: Product, Sustainable Packaging
Company / Organization / School: SDM Design

1/2 PROJECT is a non-profit campaign project aimed to make donation a part of everyday life. It provides an opportunity of light donation through the things that people unconsciously spend without hesitation. As a typical example, when a customer purchases a 1/2 PROJECT beverage paying the same full price for half the stuff, the person gives away the other half to others who receive the monetary value of the half. 1/2 PROJECT is a medium connecting people to nongovernmental organizations for charity works. If consumers purchase the 1/2 PROJECT beverages with the passion for donation, the monetary value converted from the empty half is used for various social services to help the needy by NGOs. Since the 1/2 PROJECT uses the half of total sales for reproducing the product and the other half for donations to NGOs, it does not require additional cost for operations. In the process of producing the half bottles, 1/2 PROJECT packs, delivers and sells them through a charity contract after paying the existing companies for the beverage content. The 1/2 PROJECT uses exactly the half of total sales for this whole process and the exceeding budget will be covered by charity events.