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Galleries // 2009 Spark:Pro // Target Cereal Box

Target Cereal Box

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Yves Behar & Design Team
Design Type: Package
Company / Organization / School: fuseproject

Target Cereal Box- A recyclable polypropylene lid: the friction fit lid easily seals and re-seals, protects the contents during shipment and is iconic for the Archer Farms brand. The integrated, living hinge can be opened and closed an unlimited amount of cycles. For Target’s Archer Farms food brand, we developed an innovative lid and box system that dispenses cereal conveniently and efficiently to greatly improve the user experience. This new system uses recycled materials as well as reducing the size, materials use, shipping cost, and energy savings in transportation, resulting in a more sustainable process throughout. The all-in-one container works to house the cereal on the shelf while keeping it fresh and easy to dispense, creating a more holistic and fresh approach for the consumer. This design solution eliminated the need to repackage cereal to maintain freshness after opening. Thus this system also eliminates extra packaging waste and reduces the need for an additional container after use to preserve freshness. These elements create a cohesive brand message as well as allow the user to develop a connection to the design story.