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Galleries // 2010 Spark:Pro // GE WattStation

GE WattStation

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Yves Behar
Design Type: Transport, E-cars
Company / Organization / School: fuseproject

conventional large scale, angular and brash “gas pump”. A new, soft and distinctively friendly icon is expressed through a cylindrical body that flares toward the top, becoming the circular interface. This design is also considerate of foot traffic, careful to keep everything compact and rounded. The UI screen faces the user at a “service angle” for optimized ergonomic comfort, and its circular lens houses a useful and informational graphic interface, showing the percent charged and the remaining time. The LED light ring clearly and quickly indicates to the driver whether the WattStation is available (white), fully charged (green), charging (red), or out of order (yellow). The GE Wattstation was designed in detail, including consideration of materials and storage needs. These included creating a place for the charging plug and cable in order to protect, preserve the lifespan and contribute to the user’s experience.