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Galleries // 2010 Spark:Pro // Herman Miller Compass System

Herman Miller Compass System

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Gianfranco Zaccai
Design Type: Healthcare Furniture System
Company / Organization / School: Continuum & Herman Miller

The Compass System helps navigate change. Compass is a “kit of parts,” a modular system of interchangeable components for hospital and outpatient facilities. Compass is used to create custom-designed applications for patient rooms, exam rooms, caregiver work areas, and other clinical spaces. Compass creates an environment that is credible and familiar. It is an uplifting environment. It communicates that the facility cares for the patient as a person. The patient’s world is limited, so we created a welcoming place for the patient and family to interact, where they are grounded and surrounded by what is familiar, so that patients can get better more quickly. The perfect healthcare space today will not be perfect tomorrow. Although the patient’s health is our collective focus, a heath care facility is a business. A business with a wide range of costs to manage; from infection prevention to inflexible built-in furniture or “millwork”. While treatment and care processes continually evolve, many healthcare spaces are not designed to adapt. The modular design of Compass allows nurses and other clinical staff to easily make real-time changes to the patient room environment in response to changes in supply, patient acuity, or electronic medical record introduction.