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Finalist - Silver

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Bruce Smith
Design Type: Product, Office Furniture
Company / Organization / School: Steelcase

cobi ™ is a direct response to an increase in collaboration in today’s office environments. Efficient and elegant, cobi responds intuitively to the user allowing comfort without confusing mechanisms or levers. A finely fluted back essentially acts like a second ribcage, uniquely supporting and adjusting to the user’s back shape both vertically and laterally. The elastomeric top band controls the spread and flex of each finger and provides a soft, pliable edge to rest your arm when side sitting. The elevated arm and flexing seat pan design further enhance cobi’s 180 degrees of comfort. cobi’s mechanism relys on the user’s center of gravity not weight to automatically adjust to any user The simplicity of the structure and mechanism produces a very light, adaptable chair that is uniquely suited to today’s increasingly collaborative workplace. Engineered to maximize comfort yet minimize materials, all of cobi’s components i2i can be separated for recycling at the end of product life minimizing its environmental impact. cobi was designed by PearsonLloyd in collaboration with the Steelcase Design Studio.