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Galleries // 2010 Spark:Pro // Ford Smart Gauges

Ford Smart Gauges

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: SmartDesign Team
Design Type: Transport, Digital
Company / Organization / School: SmartDesign

We designed four levels of information: Inform, Enlighten, Enhance, and Empower. Meaningful communication between the battery and gas power sources means the gauges are designed using best principles of information design to clarify what is actually happening within the vehicle. We also reduce glance time using areas of contrasting color for fuel level, battery charge, and overall efficiency which can be quickly scanned and even seen in peripheral vision. The muchdiscussed display feature, the “efficiency leaves,” is the output of an algorithm for total, longer-term, vehicle efficiency. Conceived by the team and based on Ford’s hybrid “leaf” logo, they are located on the right of the screen, flourishing when driving efficiently, withering when not. They change slowly, reducing the “cognitive load” placed on the driver, and help show that efficient driving is a marathon, not a sprint. SmartGauge lets car and driver respond to each other in ways that lead to better driving decisions and, importantly, saving gas. It represents a paradigm shift in auto design and a groundbreaking new experience for drivers. Ford’s commitment to fuel efficiency is reflected in the SmartGauge.