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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Playing Ball Cleaner

Playing Ball Cleaner

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Chan-hee Kang - Industrial Design Major Student
Design Type: Household

TEAM LEADER Chan-Hee Kang / Kyung Hee University TEAM MEMBER Se-Hwan Choi / Kyung Hee University Hyun-Se Jung / Kyung Hee University Yong-Ju Choi / Kyung Hee University It is irritated for pet-lovers to clean up cat hair spreaded over house. The cat hair causes respiratory diseases and makes hard to keep the house clean. Ball-type of design is similar with a kind of cat’s toy. From this point, we came up with a idea which combine a toy with a cleaner. When a cat play with the ball-type cleaner which looks like a toy, Sphere shape design move anywhere easily and the gyroscope structure and motion sensor can help the ball recognize cat’s movement. playing ball cleaner received attention of a cat by being around a cat, making a sound and changing its color. When a cat approaches the ball, it make weak static energy around the ball. Static electric generator makes energy which collects cat hair. Electricity supply device coverts the kinetic energy into electricity. The ball draws cat’s hair in with weak static electricity quickly. And, cat hair is drawn in suction holes. If the ball stops the movement, check the red light on. When hair is full in the waste cup, the red light turns on.I f the red signal turns on, separate the ball into two parts. And, throw cat hair in the waste cup away to the trash can. After reassembling it and the green light turns on again, Give a cat the ball.