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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Light Of Time

Light Of Time

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Sung-won Jo - (with Yeoil Youn)
Design Type: concept lights

0.Team member : Sungwon Jo(Hong-ik postgraduate school) and Yeoil Youn(graduates sejong UNIV this year,non professional) 1.Light of time : “Light of Time” was designed to see the flow of time through the start of lights. Long time ago, people could check the time through sunrise and sunset. In other words, the concept of time was created with the start of lights. As a lighting equipment, ‘Light of Time’ shines the surrounding and expresses the time on the ceiling with a shadow. It expresses the flow of time that starts, when you turn on the light, as the concept of time was created with the start of lights. It is also environment-friendly, because it cuts down on unnecessary parts of clock’s frame, is efficient to use a space and helps to catch eyes of people naturally in any position. 2.How to operate: 12 o’clock- 12 o’clock is indicated with a round shape(a symbol of the moon and the sun) that matches its entire identity, and it is the standard point of time. 3.Structure : Reflector- (1) Make the round-shaped frame reflect on the ceiling, by covering the reflector upside down. (2) Environment-friendly, high-efficiency reflector.Treat the surface with polyethylene terephthalate(PET) to increase the brightness of lighting by more than two times. Hands of the clock- Put the hands and body of the clock into the lamp shade.As the lights get bigger, the shadow of clock hands appears on the ceiling. As the lights get bigger, the shadow of clock hands appears on the ceiling. Adjustment of height- Adjust the size of clock hands, by adjusting the height of them. Button- It is to adjust the height. Adjust height, by pressing the buttons of the right and the left. Joint- A transparent plastic to fix the lamp shade and light bulb socket. It is made with a transparent material that lights can penetrate to fix the socket and shade. Finishing material- The part near the light bulb is finished with metal to create a good mood and prevent it from being damaged by heat. (The part near the light bulb has a metallic material.) 4.Option : You can change the lighting and clock according to the space and mood, by adjusting the length of the string to fix the center. 5.Motif : The unnecessary parts of the clock were removed and only the parts necessary for displaying the time were reassembled, by referring to the sundial as a motif.