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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Product // Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet

Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Yves Behar - Founder/Chief Designer
Design Type: Product
Website: http://www.fuseproject.com

The Nook Tablet to provide a pure content driven experience for everyday and everywhere use. It is instantly appealing, with an approachable form factor and warm, tactile materials. Without in-your-face buttons, your eye is immediately drawn to the intuitive touch screen. The on-screen navigation is easy to use and changes instantly to accommodate the wide variety of content, eliminating distractions from the viewing experience. To keep the front display simple, the hardware controls are integrated into the design. A functional border runs around the perimeter of the product, protecting the internal components and housing the volume buttons, power button, headphone jack and micro USB port. The SD port is hidden on the back of the device and like all of the technology on the Nook, it is there if you need it, out of the way if you don’t. It’s about simplicity and easy of use; by not cluttering the front display with buttons, the interface is less complex and more intuitive. As the third product release from Barnes & Noble, the Nook tablet extends the brand and widens the offering with a fresh approach to a tablet. The simple branding, “n” home button and intuitive product all remain consistent with other Nook products. Meant to disrupt the overcrowded and homogenous tablet market, the latest Nook delivers a pure, content driven experience in an iconic and robust design. To continue enhancing the user’s overall experience, we designed the Nook to integrate into the consumer’s life in every possible way. Its robust design is durable, easy to carry and perfect for throwing in a bag or briefcase. The size is excellent for stolen moments reading or playing games on the bus, but is also perfect for snuggling in front of the fire with a long novel. The iconic loop that continues from the bordering bead allows users to attach accessories or add personality to their Nook, making it uniquely theirs.