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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Product // Eton FRX Field Radio Line

Eton FRX Field Radio Line

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Mr. Dan Harden & Whipsaw Design Team - President/CEO
Design Type: Consumer Electronics

Team Members: Dan Harden, Sam Benavidez GREEN POWER (Dynamo + Solar) FRX incorporates efficient green energy technologies. Each design features a fold-out hand crank dynamo to supply electricity to the unit and to charge a cell phone (one minute of cranking generates 30 minutes of product power). The crank handles are designed for the most efficient and comfortable cranking possible. With dynamo and solar, users are never left without power, which is reassuring especially in an emergency. Dynamo and solar are good for users and the environment - users get piece of mind and even a little exercise, and batteries aren’t consumed and thrown away. RUGGED FORM AND FUNCTION FRX breaks new ground when it comes to aesthetics. The big "X" signature looks "extreme sport", bold, rugged, and unique – the perfect expression for a durable, green emergency product. The crank and solar panel have been emphasized to communicate these clean power features and to make them intuitive. These products have a “roll cage” housing to protect the main controls. The holes provide finger access to controls, make a dramatic visual statement, and are a means to lighten up the product. The pivot mechanism uses stainless steel parts, and the hinge pin is even exposed to show this feature. INTUITIVE TO USE DURING AN EMERGENCY Large shape-differentiated controls, knobs, and graphics are super intuitive, which is helpful especially during an emergency when you cannot think, and you just want information now. FRX3 has a beefy handle for grab and go action.