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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Product // Eton Rukus Bluetooth Stereo line

Eton Rukus Bluetooth Stereo line

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Mr. Dan Harden & Whipsaw Design Team - President/CEO
Design Type: Consumer Electronics

Team Members: Dan Harden, Kyle Buzzard Rukus Solar features a 230mm wide solar-panel. Six hours of sunlight will fully recharge a dead battery and it can run on sunlight only. Rukus can even recharge your mobile device if necessary. Its E Ink display uses little power and provides clear visibility even in direct sunlight. IDEAL NEW FORM FACTOR Rukus has an ideal new form factor: a big sky-facing solar panel spanning two big speaker chambers; a center handle that's easy to pick up and set down whether horizontal or vertical; an angled control surface positioned just right for ease of use. Rukus is compact, elegant, easy to use, and utterly original. INTUITIVE TO USE Rukus is easy to use - carry to outdoor site, pair your smart-phone to it by pressing one button, play music all day. HIGH SOLAR POWER Rukus incorporates a powerful 230mm wide solar panel that provides enough electricity to run the unit continuously. Solar panels on products are often just a gimmick, not providing much energy at all, therefore Rukus is unique in how much solar power it generates. AMAZING SOUND THROUGH DESIGN Rukus delivers exceptional sound performance because of its large pontoon-like one liter speaker chambers. The speakers are angled up at the user both when laying down or standing up. RUGGED OUTDOOR FORM & FUNCTION Rukus is designed for rugged outdoor use - it is waterproof, withstands temperature swings, and is UV-resistant. Its rubber foot absorbs a hard impact. RECHARGING CAPABILITY: In case your remote music streaming device (phone or iPod) runs out of power, you can plug it into Rukus via USB to recharge it with Rukus's solar panel. The bottom of Rukus has a sleeve where you can store your phone during charging. >>>This is the best selling product in Eton's history!