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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Vacc-stamp


Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Dhojin Han - Samsung Design Membership
Design Type: Concept design

Team Name: Samsung Design Membership Team members : Chanhee Han, Yoonjoo Kwon, Sejin Yoon Most babies who have vaccine shots are crying with such painful looks. Is it painful only to the babies? Right in the moment when a thick and sharp needle is injected to a young baby, the mother will also feel the same pain. Mothers usually worry about if the required dose of vaccine was injected without re-use, and if the baby will have the secondary infection through the little wound. Also it is known that the throwaway syringes comprise a large portion of medical waste. When pressing the buttons on both sides of VACC-STAMP, a micro needle that causes no pain is injected, and at the same time, it's anti-inflammatory component and disinfectant that are harmless to human body get stamped to prevent the secondary infection. As the disinfectant stamped on a baby's arm is a cute looking icon, viewers' sensibility also can be stimulated. As soon as the injection is made, the heart mark on the bottom of the clear window is shown, which tells you that it is the used syringe. The used syringe can be used as a stamp toy after separating the micro needle from it. By collecting the used syringes, a mother could check what vaccines the baby has received.