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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Communication // Chinese Tea Culture: The Singapore Chinatown Experience

Chinese Tea Culture: The Singapore Chinatown Experience

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Ms. Jesvin Yeo - Creative Director
Design Type: Packaging Design
Company / Organization / School: Nanyang Technological University
Website: https://www.designingculturesstudio.com/

The Chinese Tea Culture is a range of tea packages that hold significant meanings to Singapore Chinatown. The tea packages showcase four personages who contributed in the development of Chinatown. The types of tea selected are actually the ‘real’ tea that they drunk in the past. The design is a fusion of old and new: contemporary layout and illustration with a touch of old white and red string that widely used in the 70s in Singapore. The structure of the packaging is inspired by the tea-wrapper of the olden days that can be opened up fully and easily. The objective is to create collector’s mementos for Singapore Chinatown Visitor Center. The mementos have to been a representation of Singapore Chinatown. The target audiences are tourists and Singapore youth who lack of knowledge of their cultures and traditions. The four personages of the Chinese Tea Culture are Samsui Woman, Towkay, MaJie, and Kopi Uncle. • Samsui Women: The Liubao tea tea produces a ‘cooling’ effect that was perfect for Samsui Women who toiled under harsh conditions of construction sites. • Towkays: Longjing tea is regarded as a status symbol for its costly production process and elegant flavour. Suitable for Towkay (mean the boss). • MaJies: Tie Guanyin is a tea that is full of refreshing flavour with a bittersweet aftertaste, MaJies savour it to seek relief from long hours of domestic work. • Kopi Uncles: ZhengShanXiaoZhong tea is affordable and easy to brew, Kopi Uncles sold it for its economic qualities and common popularity.