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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Communication // YBCA+You Promotional Campaign

YBCA+You Promotional Campaign

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Mr. Eric Heiman - Principal
Design Type: Communication Design
Company / Organization / School: Volume Inc.
Website: http://volumesf.com
Team Members: Adam Brodsley, principal Ed O'Brien, designer

The problem was to recast the brand image of YBCA through the launch of the "YBCA+You" program, which offered an "All-Access Art Pass" that provides participants with intimate and social vehicles to engage with art, such as personal docent tours, exclusive VIP events with artists, and complimentary admission to various YBCA events. The campaign's tone needed to strike the balance between accessible and sophisticated in the manner for which YBCA is known. It aimed to attract audiences who might initially not feel comfortable or be familiar with YBCA and its offerings, without alienating or talking down to YBCA's core audience of art-savvy visitors and members. We immediately impressed upon the client that the campaign should forward the essence of YBCA first, the "YBCA+You" program second. Since the program is about "You," the campaign should be the same. Let's privilege the people that actually come to see the art. Celebrate the disparate reactions that art provokes in different individuals. Highlight the communal and social activity that art facilitates. At its core, art (and by extension YBCA) is the intersection of ideas and audience. In this solution we are literally forwarding that audience—the YOU—in the form of these headshots. But instead of literally forcing the art on the people, we are instead celebrating the disparate reactions to YBCA's offerings, creating new "portraits" of the audience. It's not about the art, it's about the audience and their reactions.