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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // Braille Pill

Braille Pill

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Design Team Korea Armed Forces Printing Publishing Depot/ Korea Design Membership
Design Type: Productivity
Company / Organization / School: Ministry of National Defense/ Korea Design Membership
Team Members: Inkyu Hwang, Shinhye Park, Jinhyuck Yoon, Wanik Jo & Kyunghee Lee

Pill Packaging for the Visually Impaired Although 15.3% of the people in the world are visually impaired, and although many products have been developed for them, they are still exposed to various dangerous situations. The visually impaired are greatly restricted in terms of access to drug information, and are more exposed to the side effects from the misuse of drugs compared to the people without disabilities. To solve this problem, Braille is inputted on the medicine packaging, but the problem with this is that once the packaging is removed, the inputted Braille information becomes good-for-nothing. Pill Packaging for the Visually Impaired is proposed to solve this problem. Problematic Issues: 1. If one has a variety of medicines, it is hard to distinguish one from another. 2. As it is difficult to distinguish one medicine from another, the visually impaired are exposed to the side effects of drugs. 3. The visually impaired have to carry the packaging of each drug. Pros of the new packaging: 1. It is easy to distinguish one medicine from another. 2. One can verify each drug before taking it. 3. It is convenient to carry.