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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Product // TouchPoint T7™

TouchPoint T7™

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Humanscale Design Studio
Design Type: Mobile Technology Cart
Company / Organization / School: Humanscale
Website: http://www.humanscale.com
Team Members: Robert Volek, Mesve Vardar, Jane Abernethy

Humanscale believes technology should help, not hinder, patient care. Created by the Humanscale Design Studio, the T7 mobile technology cart seamlessly integrates access to clinical data while encouraging caregivers to work ergonomically. If caregivers are working comfortably, they can concentrate on their workflows and deliver the best possible care. The overall problem that was solved was creating a mobile technology cart that encourages caregivers to work in optimal, ergonomic postures without having to make numerous adjustments or interrupt their workflows. In addition to solving this problem, the T7 overcomes the issue of limited or awkward mobility of the cart. Typically, caregivers must make multiple adjustments to a mobile technology cart in order to achieve the correct ergonomic position. Using the T7’s Auto Fit™ technology available via the touch screen, caregivers can effortlessly make one adjustment for an appropriate ergonomic fit based on their entered height. Since the T7 screen and keyboard components are already in a good ergonomic position, caregivers can work in correct postures with minimal effort. Further exemplifying the T7’s sophisticated design, the Power Track™ steering—featuring a fifth wheel—engages with the touch of a button, making the cart steer more easily, especially in small spaces, thus encouraging the caregiver to maneuver the cart with correct posture and to bring technology to patients’ bedsides. The T7 has an encased wire management system, which mitigates both clutter- and infection-control concerns. In any setting, the T7’s beautifully streamlined design makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.