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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Product // Vodafone EasyBox 904 LTE

Vodafone EasyBox 904 LTE

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Ziba Design Team
Design Type: Router
Company / Organization / School: Ziba Munich
Website: http://www.smal.de
Team Members: Oliver Lang Manuel Perez Prada

The EasyBox is one the first routers on the market to incorporate a front display to help guide the user step-by-step through the hardware setup process. To further simplify this initial setup process, colored cables which match colored ports are included. A friendly shape with a simple front face helps make the high-tech router approachable for everyone, a detail that is also supported by its white color. To maintain this simple and friendly design, we worked closely with the product’s engineering team to avoid the need for a big external LTE antenna, although the option for attaching antennas is still given for added signal strength in case of poor coverage. Thanks to integrated LTE and the option to attach a UMTS stick on top, the router can immediately distribute an internet connection in the user’s home once it has been successfully setup. The ventilation as well as all other technical connections are placed on the back to ensure a simple and friendly front face for the EasyBox. The router’s standing position makes the device more space efficient and helps to hide the cable connections on the back. The upright and angled position also supports the ergonomic input of its integrated display. Besides guiding the first time setup of the EasyBox, the front display also gives easy access to most frequently used options (showing the WiFi password, status information, etc.) right on the device without a need for a computer.