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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Product // Eton Boost Turbine

Eton Boost Turbine

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Mr. Dan Harden & Whipsaw Design Team - President
Design Type: Product
Company / Organization / School: Whipsaw, Inc.

Boost Turbine combines a battery with a hand crank dynamo, making it ideal for much of the world where the power grid is unreliable. Boost Turbine is an effective, fast, and efficient green power source. One minute of cranking will produce enough power to make a call or send several texts, or if Boost Turbine’s battery is full you can immediately dump all its energy to a device. Boost Turbine is incredibly tough because it’s made of die-cast aluminum and polycarbonate. Quality of details and quality of fit and finish are extraordinary on this design. This unit feels like a little “machine”. Boost Turbine is a universally appealing design because it is simple and easy to understand. The crank handle stores flush and neat into the main body. When stored, the rubber crank knob end appears as a single black dot on the front surface, making it obvious where to pull it out. The angled surface on the front housing’s end is on the same plane as the knob end, which is determined by the crank arm angle when folded out for use (see side view). Boost comes in four classic "power" colors: red, white, silver, and black. Boost Turbine is a breeze to use - fold out the crank handle and turn then plug in a device to dump power to it. It is a compact form factor, secure in the hand when cranking. Press the button and a few LED's show how much battery charge is