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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: LUNAR Munich team
Design Type: Kitchen
Company / Organization / School: Piamo
Website: http://www.lunar.com/

Wake up - get a cup of coffee - then get on with the day. That is the daily story for many. Today they use bulk machines or outdated stove-top pots to get going in the morning. But think of the advantages microwaves would offer when they would be used to brew espresso. Microwaves are convenient, energy efficient and ubiquitous, even in office buildings and hotel rooms. They heat water very fast and are fire safe. Piamo is light and smaller than a stove top espresso-pot. It‘s a perfect solution for those who do not want another big machine in their kitchen or want easy to make espresso at work. Making espresso with the Piamo involves four simple steps – add water to the water tank, insert an espresso pad or ground coffee, assemble the three parts together and place it in the microwave. When heated for 30 seconds, the heat pressure in the water tank forces the water to filter through the coffee and down into the cup, creating a ready to drink espresso. An ingenius engineering solution protects the coffee grounds from burning and losing their aroma, a known issue with all espresso makers. To craft a seamless product experience, the design team also designed Piamo’s brand identity, including logo, product video, and microsite.