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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // PHOX : Possibility, Hope & Opportunity

PHOX : Possibility, Hope & Opportunity

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Yuljae Lee
Company / Organization / School: Kookmin University
Team Members: Yuljae Lee, Yukyung Kim & Jiemin Jeong

At night, we simply turn lights on, watch TV, or browse internet. Our daily routines benefit much from electrics. But there are people who cannot enjoy the same life styles on the other side of the earth. For those who live without light bulbs at night, what they can do at night is very limited. It imposes more serious problems for children. They acknowledge that they need to spend less time working and more time studying. However, their circumstances often do not permit what they need or what they want. In order to relieve their situations, we have sent many relief kits in boxes. Supplementary aids are extremely important and crucial to improving life in need. But I believe we can do more. I would like to send them possibility, opportunity and time along within special relief kit. The special relief box, P.H.O.X, is unique yet practical. Just like its name, P.H.O.X (Possibility, Hope, Opportunity box), it offers and brings possibility, hope and opportunity. Now, children can utilize their time at night. It is so easy to use. Invert and unfold the relief box and put it on the ground during the day to store solar energy. In darkness, the box can be used to emit lights. Children can study and draw as they wish under the P.O.X light. I hope that when children studying with P.H.O.X grow up, They bring positive changes to their community and society.