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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // Automated Tourniquet System

Automated Tourniquet System

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Sam Rhodes
Design Type: Medical Product
Company / Organization / School: Academy of Art University
Website: analogmess.com

The Automated Tourniquet System applies proven military emergency medical practices to the civilian market, where they are currently underutilized and present an opportunity to save lives. Currently, tourniquets are not widely accepted within the North American healthcare industry, although the military has been using tourniquets successfully for some time. There is currently a push towards the re-introduction of safe and easy to use tourniquets for healthcare professionals. Research showed that first-aid equipment adheres to medical philosophies defined long ago. With the exception of some recent developments such as hemostatic bandaging, general first-aid products are reiterated combinations of gauze and adhesive tape. Furthermore, tourniquets are controversial due to fear of misuse and stigmas established over 200 years ago. The ATS is a simple, easy to use, yet potentially life-saving motorized gear assembly that winds when triggered, while simultaneously activating a timer to monitor use. It is designed to achieve arterial occlusion through the lowest (safest) pressure possible by incorporating a wide cuff design as well as self regulation via a built-in pulse sensor. In case of battery or electronics failure, the ATS can be constricted manually by pulling out the trigger knob and rotating the internal gear mechanism. There are multiple device modes and types of straps available for use. The device is designed for use by first responders and has the potential for wider use, in households and other civilian environments. With simple internal components, it is cheap to manufacture and disposable. The ATS is designed to deliver time to victims, safely and effectively.