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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Transport // Kestrel Legend SL

Kestrel Legend SL

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Greg Janky - Partner + Designer
Design Type: People-Powered
Company / Organization / School: Anvil Studios, Inc
Website: http://www.anvil-studios.com
Team Members: Treasure Hinds, Partner + Designer

Kestrel’s first foray into the “superlight” bike category, the Evoke, resulted in a lackluster, straight-tube design devoid of any visual ties to the brand. Kestrel realized its super light frame set needed to retain their “DNA” as a way to differentiate within the boring straight-tube carbon fiber superlight bike market. The challenge: big, swoopy surfaces equal weight; straight tube frames equal no brand recognition. Our final design solution walks that fine line, realizing minimal weight while asserting their iconic brand design language. The streamlined aerodynamic forms are sculpted with a judicious eye towards brutal efficiency. Weighing in at a mere 780g, not only is the Legend SL is the lightest and stiffest Kestrel ever made, it is also one of the sexiest.