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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Transport // Nathan Sports Aerobottle

Nathan Sports Aerobottle

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Greg Janky - Partner + Designer
Design Type: Accessories
Company / Organization / School: Anvil Studios, Inc
Website: http://www.anvil-studios.com
Team Members: Treasure Hinds, Partner + Designer Rosie Burnell Mark Selander Waymen Yu

In a world of $10,000 bicycles, its ridiculous to attach a $20 bottle to $3,000 handlebars with zipties/velcro, regardless of any “aerodynamic” claims competitors tout. Through research 60% of triathletes mount their water bottle to aerobar extensions. Of that 60%, the vast majority were unhappy with the chunkiness and complexity of the products. The entire category was lacking innovation, aesthetics, and elegance... it needed a game changer. Goal: fit every aerobar configuration, easy to mount/dismount, easily refill while riding, spillproof transport from house to car to bike, and easy to clean. Every element required new thought, including the actual shape of the bottle, how/where the bottle opens, straw location, mast design, mounting location, and secure mounting hardware. The design process was exhaustive. A wide variety of shapes, mounts, and refilling methods were explored and evaluated by both the development team and hardcore triathletes. As concepts narrowed down, form studies and articulating 3D printed prototypes were created to test/validate thinking. The selected design was beta tested by a few select athletes, including world champion Andy Potts, at the 2012 Kona Ironman. After an intensive 2 week torture test in Hawaii, user feedback was compiled for the design team. Bottle shape, straw placement, refill design, and mounting system were refined, retested, and perfected. The result is a professional, aerodynamic, snap-on, hydration system that shaves minutes off of grueling triathlon rides and simplifies the riders life allowing them to focus on the ride.