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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Mr. Jun young Choo
Design Type: Transportation
Company / Organization / School: Yeongnam University
Team Members: Subeen Kim Jung_a Yoon Sukho Kim

These days, we do not have to worry greatly even when we are in need of urgent parcel service.It now became natural to take care of parcel service operations through the phone in a steady manner.It is because of quick service. However, since previous quick service drivers are required to deliver the items within a limited amount of time amongst the exposed motorcycle environment, they are subject to danger of accidents. In order to solve this problem, suggestion is made for a new parcel service transport machine of safe structure and unique frame that can enable for great amounts to be loaded. Due to this, different items ranging from small to big sizes can be stored and delivered, and a safe internal space has been provided due to the form of the frame. This not only enhances operational abilities, but workers are able to feel safer while working. Along with the increase of parcel service called ‘quick’, it will become activated as a professional career. Therefore, the abbreviation of ‘Q’ was granted as a design in order to symbolize how workers need to take pride in their work and receive just treatment. The quick transportation measure that they will be using will not only continue in professional domain, but function as cultural symbolism for a long period. Due to the distinct form, image about quick will become more recognized by the public.