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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Raymond Hon
Design Type: Columbarium Storage System
Company / Organization / School: National University of Singapore

In countries like Singapore and Hong Kong that faces land scarcity, there has been an increase of families of the deceased opting for cremation. The cremated remains are stored in niches situated inside a columbarium. These niches, measuring approximately 300mm x 300mm, can cost anything from $500 to $3000, however, the space inside the current niches is not fully utilized as even after fitting 2 urns inside, there are still a lot of unused space left. The volume of cremated remains of a large person (weighing above 100kg) would rarely exceed 3,600 cubic centimetres and in order to cater to the masses, the proposed urn to be used in cluster. would be able to contain 3,800 cubic centimetres when filled to the maximum ideal level. The niche designed for cluster. would fit a single urn in every unit. For people who wish to be placed together in the afterlife, they can opt to be placed in units side by side as each unit is only cluster. away 35mm from the next one. This would allow families to form a cluster and form a memorial wall. There is a range of urn colours for the user to choose from, and these colours are based on the different material used to plate the exterior. This would facilitate the locating of the niches of a specific family as each cluster would be able to have their own colour. The urns are removable via a special tool if relocation is required.