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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:App
Designer: Mr. Yves Behar - Founder & Chief Designer
Design Type: App Design
Company / Organization / School: fuseproject
Website: http://www.fuseproject.com

Inspired by the indie gaming movement that has gained momentum over the last few years, OUYA partnered with fuseproject with a dream: open sourced gaming, built for the TV. We wanted to bring gaming back to its essence, moving away from the big companies that churn out predictable and formulaic games, excluding the developers and gamers who crave a different experience. OUYA upends the current console model by being open to any game developer who wants to create and publish games for the TV. For gamers, this means they can now download any game they choose, and try it for free -- no more discs to buy and no more risk of paying for games you don’t love. The product and experience is designed to be simple and bold, using high quality materials and ergonomics, all the while remaining affordable, truly embodying OUYA’s open platform. The OUYA hardware is designed for the utmost functionality in a clean, beautiful package. The radically small scale of the console allows it to live discretely anywhere; whether in the kitchen or the game room, the console’s small profile ensures it will stand as an accent rather than an eye sore. To achieve this, we laid out the internal components of the console to create a natural airflow without the use of a fan, allowing the console to retain its small and discreet profile. Since June 2013, it has been “game on for OUYA” launching in the United States, Canada and the UK for $99.99!