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Galleries // 2014 Spark:Concept // Deep Rooted Tree

Deep Rooted Tree

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Chee Ho Yoon - Designer
Design Type: iOS App Design
Company / Organization / School: University of the Arts

Deep Rooted Tree is an interface project that creates links between my family history and Korean history. Koreans have a tradition of recording one’s name and descriptions about oneself. I used the book called “Chock Bo”, meaning family tree, which was created by my first ancestor to trace my family lineage from 9th century to the present. Chosen medium is an mobile application in order to present old information in a new format that provide modern experience to the users.The process involved intense research to translate massive information written in ancient Chinese. In addition, I conducted research on every single individuals to select my ancestors I would like to highlight in the interface.In order to maximize the users’ friendliness of the interface, I had to decide how to organize the pattern of massive information. The radial shape allows interface to put all the information in an efficient space and it also resembles the annual rings of the tree.